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A family-driven production company telling inspirational, heart-warming,  multi-generational, redeeming, wholesome and positive stories.


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Linda Wright is known as "the producer with a heart..." 

ABOUT US -- LINDA WRIGHT is known as "the writer and producer with a heart." who believes the best way to tell a story is to simply tell a story…
In 1991, we lost one of the greats in Hollywood – Michael Landon.  For many years, Linda was touched by what he did and the legacy he left behind – and what could she do to continue those great family programs...

Out of that PASSION – Linda headed to Hollywood with a passion to change what families are watching, both at home and in the theatres. To restore a time where families sat together and watched something “good.”  Stories with value with a good message about family, faith and purpose. After working in the Entertainment Industry for 18 years, God placed in Linda’s heart to birth HEARING GOD PRODUCTIONS – a full-service,  family-driven film company.  

Linda and her staff are driven by the need to infiltrate mainstream media, attract families of all ages and faiths and to impact today’s culture for the good.  With Linda’s passion for taking great stories and making them LIFE-CHANGING films, she believes that anything CAN happen - anything CAN change and to help those watching -- to believe that it CAN! 

Currently, HEARING GOD PRODUCTIONS has OVER 20 projects on their slate!



 We offer Producing, Writing, Consulting, Directing and Creative  services with over 20 years experience.  We are committed to G-PG13 ratings and family projects only.  Linda's Resume is available upon request. Please call our office at 818-451-9204 or email us at linda@hearingodproductions.com for rates.  We will serve you with the utmost integrity and dignity.

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